Getting Real with SMARTER Goals



If you’ve ever spent any time with me you will have heard me say “awareness always comes first”.  We cannot make any changes in our lives unless we are aware that there is something we want to change.  Time to recognize that niggly little sensation that SOMETHING is off, and delve into it to find out what your mind and body are trying to tell you.  Once you find that out it is time to set some realistic GOALS to make the change you desire.  Below is a description of SMARTER goals that I have borrowed from Rhodes Wellness College.  When you are ready to make HUGE changes, take a look at some of the courses they offer- it may just change your life.

It can help to have a professional partner with you to help move you along, be accountable to or bring new awareness to the table.  If you want some help applying these and other tools to really make your goals happen, please book a coaching session with me to help you move forward.  The first 30 minute telephone consult is always free.  There is a phone button above! 604-807-5025

Specific – I must be very clear on what exactly it is that I want to accomplish. Why? Because how will I know if I’ve achieved my goal unless I know what my goal is to begin with? To say “I want to be famous” is not specific enough. Do I want to be an actor, a singer, a notorious criminal…? I need to get as detailed as I can around what it is that I want for myself.

Measurable – this overlaps with being specific. What exactly will I need to have accomplished so that I’ll know when I’ve achieved it. The clearer I can get around making my goal measureable – the easier the goal will be to attain. What does it look like? What does it feel like? To say, “I want to be rich” or “I want to make more money” is not specific enough. HOW rich or HOW MUCH money? I need to try and give myself an exact number.

Action Plan – what are the steps that I’ll need to take in order to achieve this goal? Where do I begin? Sometimes it’s helpful to begin at the end goal, and work backwards from there. Or to study people who have already attained the goal that I want for myself, and model my action plan after theirs. This way I’m not re-inventing the wheel, and I can learn from any mistakes others may have made along the way.

Realistic – is my goal actually possible? Many people may want to fly to the moon, or become Olympic athletes, but it may not be physically, financially, or legally possible. Although it can be a good thing to not take no for an answer, it is healthy to recognize where my limitations may lie and to work with them as opposed to against them.

Timely – when would I like to achieve this goal by? Do I have a time frame? Is there a deadline? Without this crucial aspect of goal setting, it can be easy for my goal to fall by the wayside, or spend longer than necessary pursuing my goal.

Emotional Motivation – goals can be far more easily achieved when they are fuelled by passion or joy. Without strong emotional motivation, even the most necessary goals can quickly and easily turn into a chore and lead to procrastination.

Relevant – it is important to ensure that my goal is in line with my values, purpose, vision and mission, and not simply a distraction or in conflict with any other goals I may have.

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