About Lara McIntyre

“You are Lara McIntyrenot a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop.” ~ Rumi

It has been through my own healing journey that I discovered the importance of the mind, heart and spirit connection.  We are not just bodies or thoughts, we are holistic beings that encompass mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.   With empathy and acceptance we can find your path to peace.   I have experience with women’s health, self-esteem, romance and love addiction, depression, spiritual angst and discovery, anxiety and relationship issues.  My passion is connection:  first that connection with self, and then connection with others.  I enjoy helping adults find their love affair within- loving themselves first! I work from the “client-centred modality”: a place that believes you are not broken…you do not need to be fixed and you have the answers within.  My role is to help find those answers using appropriate tools such as hypnotherapy, Life Coaching & goal setting, Solution Focused Therapy, meditation, mindfulness and exercises that can help change the patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you.
I have experienced my own challenging path that took me into a period of time where the suffering and pain seemed never-ending with divorce, illness, financial ruin and death of loved ones.  These circumstances have helped form my philosophy that there is something to learn and grow from in every life event and that people can come out the other side stronger and more vibrant than before!

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