Fees and Location

Office hours available in Ladner BC: weekdays, weekends and evenings available  

I offer two types of therapy: traditional talk therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Our first session  – paperwork and getting to know each other- is complimentary- and is on the telephone or an online platform.

TALK THERAPY: (cognitive behaviour therapy, narrative therapy, solution focused therapy, art therapy etc)

Your extended health may cover my fees, depending on the wording in your package.  

Individual talk therapy sessions: $90/50 minute session.
Individual Skype sessions: $90/50 minute session.
Couples talk therapy sessions: $135/90 minute session.

Number of sessions vary, but in general plan for 10-30 sessions.

HYPNOTHERAPY: (including “Top Up”, age regression, mind metaphor/past life regression, parts and soul screening therapies)

Individual hypnotherapy sessions: $150/ 60-120 minute session.  (The initial session can be about 2 hours.  Each additional session is approx 60-70 minutes.  Price is per session, not per hour.)
Non-transferrable, non-refundable bundles: 5 sessions: $675, 10 sessions: $1300 to be used within 12 months.
Number of sessions vary, but in general plan for 3-13 sessions per challenge.

It has been my experience that hypnotherapy can be much quicker than traditional talk therapy, and so the cost is often less in total.  Please consider:

Talk Therapy:    30 sessions @ $90= $2700.
Hypnotherapy:  10 sessions @ $150 = $1500, or $1300 if bundle purchased.

Please request current pricing for PLR single session.  

Methods of payment accepted: cash, PayPal or E-transfer.  Visa and MasterCard are available  for an additional fee. Talk therapy: $93/ session. Hypnotherapy: $155/single session, $695/ 5 session bundle and $1340/ 10 session bundle.  

Payment due at time of session, each session or in advance.  Payment for today’s session at next visit is not an option at this time.