My office hours are in Ladner Village, at Delta Village Chiropractic (4882 Delta St., Delta)

Our first consultation is complementary and is 30-45 minutes on the telephone.  Here I can answer any questions you may have and you can tell me the basics of your concern.


Want more time in the actual therapy?  Please fill out your forms here and print them off before coming to your first appointment.


TALK THERAPY: (cognitive behaviour therapy, narrative therapy, solution focused therapy, art therapy etc)

Individual talk therapy sessions: $90/50 minute session. (in person or online)
Couples talk therapy sessions: $135/90 minute session. (in person only)

Number of sessions vary, but in general plan for 10-30 sessions, per challenge.

HYPNOTHERAPY(including “Top Up”, age regression, mind metaphor/past life regression, parts and soul screening therapies)

Individual hypnotherapy sessions: $150/ session.  (1st is often 2 hours, each subsequent approx 70 minutes.)
Non-transferrable, non-refundable bundles:
5 sessions: $675         10 sessions: $1300      to be used within 12 months.
Number of sessions vary, but in general plan for 3-10 sessions per challenge.

Smoking cessation: $500/ 2 sessions.  Non-transferable.

Cost comparision:

Talk Therapy:    30 sessions @ $90= $2700.
Hypnotherapy:  10 sessions @ $150 = $1500, or $1300 if bundle purchased.

Methods of payment accepted: cash or E-transfer.  Your extended health may cover my fees, depending on the wording in your package (must say “counselling”).  Payment due at time of session or in advance.