Resources and Forms

Please click here for forms used in my counselling practice.

LIFE BINDERS:  The Life Binder maps the important logistics of your life in one place so those people you leave behind will have a clearer understanding of what you want after you die and what steps they need to take.  Click here for the AMOLAD Life Binder

Discover Your Values and Boundaries: Do you ever wonder why you believe what you believe?  Often we live our lives automatically from the lessons we learned before the age of 5, from people whom we may no longer agree with. Are you aware of what code you live your life by?  Maybe it’s time to consciously redefine your life!  This is a fun, interactive event where you might laugh and you might cry, and have those “a-ha!” moments as you learn about the most important person in your life: YOU!   Click here for the list of values